CTA Pathology is a 100% independent and locally-based dermatopathology service. We are led by our internationally recognized team of board-certified dermatopathologists on a mission to consistently deliver exceptionally accurate and accessible dermatopathology slides and diagnostic consults to our clients and their patients. We pride ourselves in decreasing pathology turnaround time without sacrificing slide quality or diagnostic excellence to ensure patients receive the highest quality care as providers continue to welcome the new digital age of medicine.

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Meet Our Dermatopathologists

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Why CTA Pathology?

We are a group of dermatopathologists with a passion for providing quality service to clients and patients alike. Our team of skin, hair, and nail experts specializes in dermpath consultations, direct immunofluorescence, digitized slide scanning, immunohistochemical & special staining. CTA Pathology’s providers share many decades of combined diagnostics experience with training from Baylor College, Cornell University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, Stanford University, University of California (San Francisco & Davis), and the University of New Mexico.

Our team of 8 dermatopathologists is equipped to provide accurate and timely diagnoses for a large variety of tumors and dermatitides. For a diagnosis, we can rapidly perform histologic processing, or we can provide expert consultation on outside slides. Using our digital pathology platform, our team of dermatopathologists is able to share cases and work collaboratively to arrive at a correct diagnosis. We are especially proud of our expertise in the diagnosis of pigmented lesions, alopecia, and nail diseases. We also provide high-quality consultation for immunobullous diseases, using direct immunofluorescence studies. Highly-sensitive PCR for detection and speciation of tinea and other fungi, especially from the nails, and for herpetic infection is also available.


We offer seamless service and turnaround times of 24-48 hours. Our digital pathology platform is easily accessible from the comfort of your own home, allowing for greater flexibility in provider’s busy schedules.

Direct Provider Access

Our dermatopathologists are available to answer questions and collaborate with clients whenever the need arises directly by phone. We offer direct access to them in order to consistently provide the best patient care possible.

Quality Customer Service

Our office staff’s top priority is to maintain high quality customer services to all providers and patients contacting us. 
No phone tree, no wait times. 
When you call CTA, someone from our team is readily available to assist you.

Transparent Billing Practices

All billing at CTA is done in-house by our dedicated medical billing professionals that continually work to ensure we are credentialed and in-network with as many insurances as possible. 

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Provider Testimonial

"Excellent dermatopathogists with detailed reports and great response time (typically a couple days). Curtis is the best I've seen at alopecia diagnosis and all the other derm paths are phenomenal! Highly recommend."

- Lauren Boudreaux, DO

Board Certified Dermatologist

Silver Falls Dermatology