Expert Dermatopathology Services

Our team of 8 dermatopathologists is equipped to provide accurate and timely diagnoses for a large variety of tumors and dermatitides. For a diagnosis, we can rapidly perform histologic processing, or we can provide expert consultation on outside slides. Using our digital pathology platform, our team of dermatopathologists is able to share cases and work collaboratively to arrive at a correct diagnosis. We are especially proud of our expertise in the diagnosis of pigmented lesions, alopecia, and nail diseases. We also provide high-quality consultation for immunobullous diseases, using direct immunofluorescence studies. Highly-sensitive PCR for detection and speciation of tinea and other fungi, especially from the nails, and for herpetic infection is also available.

CTA Pathology is a proud pioneer in the advancement of telemedicine through the use of the first-ever FDA-approved whole slide imaging (WSI) system, the Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution. This groundbreaking new technology allows providers to read cases digitally from virtually anywhere with a fast internet connection, as well as annotate, bookmark, snap screenshots, and collaborate with other providers worldwide with the click of a button. Digitized slide images are available to all clients at no additional cost.

CTA Pathology offers immunohistochemistry and special stains to dermatopathologists with the convenience of viewing cases in real-time using our digital pathology platform. Our staining process provides exceptionally high contrast with amazingly clear nuclear detail. Maintaining this high-quality practice is essential in providing top-tier slides.


Our rapid, state-of-the-art DIF testing is offered to clients in order to diagnose immunologic disorders including blistering diseases, vasculitis, and connective tissue disorders. The results of this test can play a key role in the patient care our providers deliver.

We currently offer PCR testing for onychomycosis, HSV 1 & 2, as well as VZV. Our PCR test provides an accurate diagnosis in a few days using microarray molecular technology, replacing traditional culture testing, which can take up to six weeks. Our experience to date shows that this PCR test is simple, reliable, and specific while maintaining reasonable costs.


If you are a dermatopathologist needing coverage, you can be rest assured knowing our stellar team will care for the diagnostic needs of your patient’s as if they were our very own